26 week belly shot.

Took a 14 hr road trip to Asheville, NC with my parents to visit my sister and meet her first baby, only a day after he was born.  Her little son gave me extreme baby fever and it was neat to share the first few days of his life helping my sister.  

Although the trip was great, I would never recommend a 26 week pregnant woman to road trip across country.  I am still paying for it!

Memorial Day camping trip with friends.  I have a feeling some of my most favorite memories with my little family will be while we are camping in little Ms.Deville.

#22 weeks pregnant

Babymoon - Palm Springs, CA

21 weeks pregnant.

This trip was everything we were hoping for and more.  So glad we decided to make this happen.  Nothing more refreshing than road trips, down time and making out pool side with the hubs as if we were still 21.  

Exploring the city.  Not much for a belly shot, but the best we could do that week.

Exploring the city.  Not much for a belly shot, but the best we could do that week.

 - St. Paul’s Farmer Market

 - St. Paul’s Farmer Market

Dear Pudding,

I think about you always.  I cannot believe in just a few short months you will be here already. Your little moves are getting stronger now and sometimes you stop me in my tracks when you decide to do a few karate kicks to my tummy.  It’s so amazing to me to think this time after I give birth to you, I get to immediately introduce you to your older sister.  I cannot wait to see your face and give you the gift of an older sibling.  Claira constantly talks about you and has always been very conscience of you and makes sure she gives you lots of kisses and hugs especially before bed. I truly believe she is going to be a big help and I have a feeling she is going to be the first one to make you smile.

I hope you always know how much you are loved by us all.  You are my baby, my youngest, my little one. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to do this motherhood thing all over again.  I am going to cherish the chance to carry you and keep you all to myself for just a little longer.  I hope I make you proud.

I love you.

So grateful for this time and experience in my life.  This moment where I have a precious little girl and pregnant with another.  

I love my babies and my life.  Feeling so blessed.

Dear Littlest One,

Your daddy and I just had the chance to see you this week.  It was our first ultrasound since you have been growing in my tummy and it was thrilling to finally get the chance to see your little moves and to hear your heartbeat.  Just like with Claira, your dad and I squeezed each other’s sweaty hands during the entire appointment as they examined you and gave us the news that you seem to be growing strong and healthy.  To say that I am thankful that you are healthy is such an understatement.  I still cannot believe we are having another baby!!  You make me so unbelievably happy already little one and I love you so much.

We decided to keep the gender a surprise for this pregnancy as well, whether boy or girl we will be more than thrilled to welcome you into our arms.  I cannot wait to find out whose features you will have and to see how similar or different you will be from your big sister.  For some reason, I picture you as a super chill baby, but I really have no idea why. This pregnancy is going by way too fast, and I am consciously trying to relish all the moments we have together just the two of us, especially as this pregnancy very well could be my last.  I will never take for granted this special time together and I hope you continue to stay comfortable a while longer. 

Thinking of you always little one, love mommy.

19 week picture.  With Claira I really did not know anyone pregnant so I felt kind of alone during the process, but this time around it seems everyone is pregnant and it has been so fun to enjoy this special time in my life with friends and family members.


Me: Claira you want to go for a walk?

Claira: No, maybe tomorrow.

Me: Why tomorrow? Don’t you want to go today?

Claira: No I am sick.

Me: Really?  What hurts?

Claira: My eyebrow (as she tries to clasp her eyebrow).


Dear Baby,

Wow, I cannot believe I am growing another baby inside me.  This time feels so much different, yet so similar to what it was like to carry Claira just a few short years ago.  I felt I knew you were with me from the moment you were created.  I just had this feeling that you were present long before I could take a test to prove I was right.

There may be fewer pictures of my growing bump and less notes written to you by your dad and I, but that does not mean we love any you less.  I think of you every single day and wonder how our little world will change once we meet you.  Claira may be my first, but you will be my youngest and the one that will make Claira a sister.  That is a pretty special role and almost every single day, Claira pulls me aside and kisses my belly and talks to you.  All of us are so excited to meet you and to find out if you will be Claira’s baby sister or baby brother.  She constantly tells people that you are going to be a baby girl, but you will also be her little brother.  Soon enough we will find out.  Hope you are ok with being called Ariel from The Little Mermaid either way.  Oh and Claira requested you come out wearing a pink bow in your hair so hopefully you do not mind that either.



I’m so blessed to have this chance to carry another baby inside of me and to be your mother.  I cannot wait to hold you in my arms little one.  Every day until then I will cherish the moments you are tucked safely next to my heart.

We love you so much little one. 

Sorry baby, this is the best we can do for pictures.  Closed eyes and blurry pics.  I’m blaming it on your dad’s lack of patience ;)

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