Dear Little One,

I am ready for you. 

I want to hold you, to inhale your beautiful newborn smell, and to kiss your forehead all day everyday.  I am ready for you, please come soon.



A few pictures from this pregnancy.

Dear Butterscotch Pudding
That is the name that your big sister has suggested for the last few months, she is pretty set on it, and you will see that it is difficult to change her mind.  So we might just have to go with it.
I feel so different now that we are five days away from your due date than I did with Claira.  There was always excitement, but 3 years ago there was also a healthy dose of fear.  Your mom and I had no idea what we were in for, and that is always scary.  It is like when you get off of the plane in a foreign country and while you are ready to get started on your adventure you are scared that you cannot even read the signs to get you to the baggage claim.  Now I feel like I am getting off the plane and I can atleast speak the language, so while my heart is beating fast, it is all excitement.
I cannot wait to hold you in my arms for the first time and put my hand on your chest to feel your heart beat.  To put my finger in your hand and wait for you to curl your fingers around mine.  To see your eyes searching for that voice that you instinctively know belongs to your mom.  To hold you in my arms, cuddled in a soft blanket and watch your eyes close as you fall asleep.  To find out how I can hold you that you like the best and allows your body to relax and allow for that beautiful deep breath.  To rub my nose against yours and give you the first kiss on the forehead  To see the look on your sisters face when she gets to hold you for the first time.  I know that she will be so proud, big smile and chin in the air.
I want you to know that you are coming into a home that will love you unconditionally and eternally.  You have an amazing mother that never stops thinking of you.  She worries when you are taking a nap in there and staying still, and I can see the love in her eyes when she rubs her belly to feel you as you move.  Your big sister kisses you most nights and is very anxious for you to arrive.  9 months for a 3 year old seems like an eternity.  You will soon see how amazing the two girls in your life are.  I love you already and cannot wait to see you soon.

26 week belly shot.

Took a 14 hr road trip to Asheville, NC with my parents to visit my sister and meet her first baby, only a day after he was born.  Her little son gave me extreme baby fever and it was neat to share the first few days of his life helping my sister.  

Although the trip was great, I would never recommend a 26 week pregnant woman to road trip across country.  I am still paying for it!

Memorial Day camping trip with friends.  I have a feeling some of my most favorite memories with my little family will be while we are camping in little Ms.Deville.

#22 weeks pregnant

Babymoon - Palm Springs, CA

21 weeks pregnant.

This trip was everything we were hoping for and more.  So glad we decided to make this happen.  Nothing more refreshing than road trips, down time and making out pool side with the hubs as if we were still 21.  

Exploring the city.  Not much for a belly shot, but the best we could do that week.

Exploring the city.  Not much for a belly shot, but the best we could do that week.

 - St. Paul’s Farmer Market

 - St. Paul’s Farmer Market

Dear Pudding,

I think about you always.  I cannot believe in just a few short months you will be here already. Your little moves are getting stronger now and sometimes you stop me in my tracks when you decide to do a few karate kicks to my tummy.  It’s so amazing to me to think this time after I give birth to you, I get to immediately introduce you to your older sister.  I cannot wait to see your face and give you the gift of an older sibling.  Claira constantly talks about you and has always been very conscience of you and makes sure she gives you lots of kisses and hugs especially before bed. I truly believe she is going to be a big help and I have a feeling she is going to be the first one to make you smile.

I hope you always know how much you are loved by us all.  You are my baby, my youngest, my little one. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to do this motherhood thing all over again.  I am going to cherish the chance to carry you and keep you all to myself for just a little longer.  I hope I make you proud.

I love you.

So grateful for this time and experience in my life.  This moment where I have a precious little girl and pregnant with another.  

I love my babies and my life.  Feeling so blessed.